ACC Release 4.12

06-01-2015 | Alarm IT Factory GmbH

Together with the transition of the Alarm Control Center to the Alarm IT Factory our release 4.12 came out. The essential innovation in an overview:

New features for the SMS-GSM-Channel

  • You want to know, who takes care of a message? Through the SMS-GSM-Channel all recipients of a message receive information on the subscriber who accepted the message.
  • You want to make sure, that the text message was received by the subscriber? The SMS-GSM-Channel can now request and evaluate delivery reports and thereby guarantees the reception of your message.
  • You are unsure, if your acknowledgement was really processed? The SMS-GSM-Channel sends you a confirmation, telling you if you or a colleague accepted the message.
  • You want to send messages as normal text messages and to the Android App? Parallel operation of both modes is now easily possible.
  • You like things simple? The installation of the SMS-GSM-Channel is now very simple, only the serial interface and the SIM-card pin are now necessary. All other parameters are set automatically by the SMS-GSM-Channel when the terminal is connected.
  • To insure future reliability, we support new GSM-Terminals, which you can obtain directly from us. The GSM-Terminals MC52i and MC55i continue to be supported by the SMS-GSM-Channel.

New features for the Android App

  • You can also use the new features of the SMS-GSM-Channel with the Android-App. It displays, who acknowledged a message and how you can reach the person.
  • The speed of the text to speech can be set.

SQL-Server 2012

  • The new release supports Microsoft SQL-Server 2012, which support is ensured till at least November 2017.
  • The new setup of the Alarm Control Center enables easy upgrades from older 4.X versions to the new Version 4.12 with complete data transition.
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