Release of ACC 4.14

11-28-2017 | Alarm IT Factory GmbH

Alarm Control Center V4.14

The new version 4.14 is available to you from the end of November 2017.
ACC Version 4.14 offers the following new features to you:

  • Release for PCS7 V9.0
    The new ACC Version 4.14 is now compatible with PCS7 V9.0. With the use of PCS7 V9.0 and ACC V4.14 you count on investment and future security and also above all on highest flexibility regarding plant expansions or modernisation projects.


  • Release for Windows Server 2016
    The new ACC Version 4.14 additionally supports Windows Server 2016. That way the reliability and safety of the Alarm Control Center is also ensured in the future.


  • Support LTE-Terminal PLS8
    The SMS Terminal Channel is now compatible with the mobile terminal PLS8. Next to GSM (2G) and UMTS (3G), the mobile terminal PLS8 also supports LTE (4G). That way the SMS dispatch is also supported in modern mobile phone networks.


  • Internet-SMS Channel (Vodafone)
    You want to send SMS via the Internet? You can send SMS via the Internet with our new channel using the wholesale access by Vodafone. That way you can send a great number of SMS within a short time and have flexible adjustment possibilities for your SMS dispatch.


  • Advanced features for option Dead Man Monitoring
    Your employees operate at single workplaces or in dangerous areas? The ACC Dead Man Monitoring informs you immediately if an employee does not respond within an arranged time. It is thereby irrelevant whether the smartphone of the employee is still working. You receive reliable information from the ACC if an employee is in distress and where he is. Some of the most important new features regarding this option are:

    • WinCC/PCS7 shows you directly which persons are monitored and in what condition they are.
    • Now the smartphone records the movements of the employee and sends alive messages to the ACC cyclically. Pressing a button on the display of the smartphone is therefore no longer necessary. If the smartphone is not moved for a specific time, the ACC automatically gives the alarm.


  • REST interface
    You want to send messages to the Alarm Control Center from many terminals or you have many clients as alarm triggers? With the help of our new REST interface you can send messages to the Alarm Control Center easily and reliably from any desired system. The REST interface also enables the dispatch of messages from several clients simultaneously.
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