ACC Release 4.13

01-16-2016 | Alarm IT Factory GmbH

Since January 11th 2016 the new ACC version 4.13 including many new features is available:

  • WinCC Agent
    The excellent integration into WinCC is further improved in the newest version of the WinCC Agent. With the newest ACC Control for WinCC you can configure messages for the ACC in the WinCC Graphics Runtime: Your employees now have the option of assigning WinCC/PCS7 messages to alarm groups directly and can react flexibly to certain plant conditions. A WinCC expert is no longer necessary. You can now decide on basis of the WinCC messages, how the agent should behave. For instance, for each message class you can define, if the message should result in an alert and which events (e.g. message gone) should end the alert. The agent recognizes, which messages are masked out and can thus decide if it should alert the message. You want a secure alerting? The new system monitoring function tests the WinCC and the WinCC Agent periodically. Message texts can now contain Unicode symbols. Thus it is for example now possible to send an email with Cyrillic characters. The new agent is available for WinCC Version 7.2 Update 7 and higher.
  • PCS7 Agent
    The new PCS7 Agent is designed especially for PCS7. The new functions of the WinCC Agent are also available in the PCS7 Agent. The new agent is available for PCS7 Version V8.0 SP2 and higher.
  • Windows Client
    You want to display a clear overview of the messages on a screen or inform the staff at the gate of occurring disturbances? With the ACC Windows Client you can receive and acknowledge messages directly on a Windows PC. An acoustic signal calls attention to new messages, which can be read aloud using Text-to-Speech.
  • Voice Channel
    Using the new Voice Channels, messages can be sent though almost any telephone network. In addition to directly connecting to a telephone system using SIP, you can use ISDN and analog telephone connections by way of a Dialogic® Diva® Card or a beroNet Box. The beroNet Box makes the use in virtual environments possible. You can obtain the required hardware directly from us. A smooth interaction between the hardware and the Alarm Control Center was validated in our test lab.
  • Setting the subscriber state
    The functionality „Set subscriber state“ is integrated as a standard feature in Version 4.13. Through it, you can change your subscriber state comfortably through the ACC APP (Android and iPhone) at any time. Thus you can for instance receive emails during your working hours. When your standby service begins, you can change your status so the messages are forwarded to your smartphone. Or you can receive no messages at all during your time off.
  • Feature Man Alone
    You want to inform a group of people of for example an emergency. That is easily done using our Android App together with the Man Alone feature. It makes it possible for example to report a fire alarm in hall 3 with one click or ask a college for assistance with handling the failure at plant 4711.
  • Android App
    Together with the new ACC version a new version of our Android App is available. You can now define, if messages should be received and acknowledged by way of TCP, text messaging or both in parallel. Requests to the ACC (e.g. Man Alone) are now sent by text messaging automatically, if no TCP connection is available. In this way the reliable transfer of requests to the ACC is improved. An App Widget for the activation and deactivation of the TCP connection is now available. Using this, the connection to the ACC can be activated or deactivated directly from your home screen and the status of the connection seen.
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