A disruption or a deviation of an automated process
has occurred in your company
and forwards it to the core system
The agent of the Alarm Control Center generates a message
the subscriber which should be alerted
The core system of the Alarm Control Center determines
acknowledges the message and takes care of the disturbance
The subscriber receives and

The Alarm Control Center (ACC)

is an alarming and alarm management system. The ACC is mainly used in the production and process automation as well as in the building technology. It transmits messages from control and visualization systems to smartphones, telephones, pagers and many further devices with absolute reliability. Our customers are mainly from the sectors Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Infrastructure, Logistics, Automotive, Energy and Food.


Friday | 07-27-2018

The new WinCC OA Agent

From now on the Alarm IT Factory offers a new agent for the Alarm Control Center to all customers and interested persons – the WinCC OA Agent. That way the comprehensive portfolio of a specially developed ACC agent is increased again.

The perfect integration of the agent into the core system had top priority to us software engineers and alarming specialists! Through the usage of the special WinCC OA programming interface the integration has been realized successfully.

Thanks to the integration of our agent there are completely new possibilities of the alarm management for the end user in WinCC OA:


  • The easy configuration of the agent ensures an easy choice of the message receivers.


  • Filtering on the bases of message priority: This allows you to alarm only from specific definable limits/priorities onwards. It is also possible to solely determine specific data points as alarming triggers. All other messages are filtered out for you by the ACC. That way you (or your maintenance staff) only receive the relevant alarm messages.


  • If you like, messages can be acknowledged by the agent directly in WinCC OA by the agent. After the alarming has taken place from the control system, it only needs to be acknowledged one more time on the respective terminal device. That way the annoying double acknowledgement is eliminated.


  • Event forwarding: Events like “Message acknowledged” or “Message gone” can be forwarded to the ACC in order to inform the message recipients about this.


  • Redundancy and that way failure safety is the top priority for the ACC again!
    This means: Do not miss or not even receive an important message again. Because the ACC always alarms reliable thanks to (optional) redundant systems and perfect connection to the WinCC OA!


  • Message texts can easily be configured with different parameters from WinCC OA by the user.


Furthermore the WinCC OA Agent of the Alarm Control Center offers numerous further useful functions like the support of multilingualism, the organisation and handling of mass and individual messages.

Are you curious what the ACC can get out of your system? Then order the WinCC OA Agent easily at SloopTools, the online store for WinCC OA tools.

Further questions? Then contact one of our experts for free of charge and non-binding consultation.


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